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Experience the Magic of Disney. Your Full Guide to Disney+

Los Angeles, Calif. – Visiting Disneyland Resort in person is an excellent way for the young and old to see a fun, magical world and forget about day-to-day routines. However, physically going to the theme park may not always be feasible. 

Fortunately, enjoying the magic of Disney can also be done from the comfort of your own home by using the Disney+ (Disney Plus) streaming service, and it only takes one or two hours to savor. Watching it independently or with family members is an excellent choice when interested in discovering some of Hollywood’s most significant works. Viewing shows and movies created by studios in the area can be done conveniently and comfortably using Disney Plus.

What Does Disney Plus Offer?

Getting your family together to watch a Hollywood movie is an excellent way to relax and watch quality content. Using the Disney Plus streaming service allows you to view some of the best flicks and TV shows LA-based movie studios have to offer, and it’s highly affordable. Monthly plans are available at $7.99 per month, and annual plans are offered at $79.99 per year.

One of the advantages of using Disney Plus is its ad-free content. There is also no contract or cable to contend with, and cancellation is allowed at any time. With over 7500 TV episodes and 500 movies available in the on-demand content library, one or more family members should find several suitable choices to watch.

Shows and Movies Available on Disney Plus

Choosing to use Disney Plus allows a family to view content from several different genres available from an extensive library of television episodes and movies. Several shows from LA-based movie studios, such as Hollywood Pictures, Searchlight Pictures, Touchstone Pictures and 20th Century Fox are available for viewing. These Walt Disney Studio subsidiaries and affiliates offer an excellent balance with other great content from notable video entertainment providers like HBO, SHOWTIME, and STARZ.

Using Disney Plus to Stream Content

Using the Disney streaming service is an enjoyable experience, which isn’t surprising considering the time and effort the Disney brand spends on making its products meet a specific user experience. Finding content to watch meeting a user’s expectations can typically be done quickly. Navigating the Disney Plus dashboard can be completed quickly and efficiently using several of the features offered.

Finding a Movie or Show to Watch

Disney Plus offers several different methods to discover fun and exciting shows or movies to watch. One of the first choices is usually to search directly by utilizing the search bar. Using one of the service’s curated lists is also an efficient way to find something to watch, based on the person’s interest, past use, current popularity with other viewers or specific trends. Browsing can be completed by using some of the following criteria:

– Curated List

– Internet Movie Database (IMDB) top-rated content

– Trending

– Emmy Nominees

– Genre

– Channel

Having Fun Watching Disney Plus With Family and Friends

Watching a movie or TV show with family members and friends who may be on the outskirts of LA or farther away may not always be possible to complete in person. Sharing reactions when watching a show is sometimes more enjoyable than the show itself. Utilizing the Disney Plus streaming service allows family and friends who are far apart to get together virtually with a feature known as GroupWatch, allowing everyone to watch through the app together as a group. Stream syncing is available to let everyone join in on the fun. The feature provides space for seven individuals, including a host and as many as four profiles on a single account.

Creating a Watchlist

Whenever a person finds a movie or shows they want to watch but can’t do it immediately, they can place it on their watchlist. Finding the watchlist can be done quickly as it is one of the first lists to pop up on the Disney Plus dashboard, making it easy and efficient to find content appropriate for watching. Clicking on the “+” is all that’s needed to add a show to the list.

Providing Kids Profiles

While Disney Plus has access to several LA-based studios offering movies for adults and children, it also provides several age-appropriate options for children to view. Sectioning off the shows that are more suitable for younger viewers can be done by creating a kids profile. Taking this action is simple as it only involves creating a new profile and switching the option to kids. Doing so limits the content to the following ratings:

– G

– TV-G

– TV-Y

– TV-Y7/Y7-FV

Premier Access and Several Compatible Devices

Disney Plus users can also watch the latest releases from LA-based studios via the Premier Access feature. Paying $29.99 per movie enables subscribers to watch the latest releases before they become available to standard subscribers of the Disney Plus streaming service.

Watching Disney Plus can be completed on several types of devices as the service is highly supported. Making a batch of popcorn and enjoying the latest movie with family and friends from the comfort of home is an excellent way to use this convenient streaming service.