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After Ms. Marvel and Loki, composer, pop singer A-ZAL unveils new summer pop single, “Movie Script” set to be released August 11, 2023.

NEW YORK – A-Zal, the emerging popstar from New York, is ready to captivate audiences worldwide with his latest release, “Movie Script.” This sensational single, packed with a funky vibe and pop-infused melodies, is bound to hook listeners from the very first play. Scheduled for release on August 11, 2023, “Movie Script” is poised to become this summer’s anthem, destined to be on repeat for fans. A-Zal’s infectious melodies and relatable lyrics make it impossible not to groove and sing along to this unforgettable track.

In “Movie Script,” A-Zal’s musical brilliance shines through, showcasing his unique style and talent. With infectious rhythms, catchy hooks, and top-notch production, the song demonstrates his ability to craft music that transcends genres and leaves a lasting impact on listeners.

A-Zal brings a fresh and unique perspective to his music. Affectionately referred to as the “American Ed Sheeran” by his fans, A-Zal has a talent for creating heartfelt and resonant melodies. His soundtracks have graced popular television series Ms. Marvel, which was not only famous in the US but gained admiration worldwide. His compositions have also been featured in Loki, NCIS: Los Angeles, and The Twilight Zone, as well as Netflix films like Resort to Love. He has collaborated with major studios and networks like Marvel Studios, CBS Network, Netflix, and Viacom18.

“Movie Script” further cements his reputation as an artist who flawlessly blends pop sensibilities with soulful elements, creating a sound that’s both contemporary and timeless. Listeners can look forward to accessing “Movie Script” on all major digital streaming platforms, ensuring that fans can enjoy the song anytime and anywhere. 

Mark your calendars and get ready to experience A-Zal’s latest musical masterpiece. For more updates on A-Zal and the release of “Movie Script,” be sure to visit his official website and follow him on social media channels –  Instagram Facebook YouTube TikTok 

About A-Zal

A-Zal, also known as Atif Afzal, is a New York-based pop singer known for his soulful voice and impactful songwriting. With a childhood immersed in British pop culture in London, A-Zal brings a fresh and unique perspective to his music. He has collaborated with major studios and networks such as Marvel Studios, CBS Network, Netflix, and Viacom18.

A-Zal’s fans affectionately refer to him as the “American Ed Sheeran” due to his ability to create heartfelt and resonant melodies. His compositions have graced popular television series like Ms. Marvel, Loki, NCIS: Los Angeles, and The Twilight Zone, as well as Netflix films such as Resort to Love.

Growing up in London and receiving training from a Royal College of Music alumnus, A-Zal’s musical journey took flight after pursuing a career in engineering and working at KPMG. Since his debut in 2013, he has composed scores and soundtracks for a range of international films, including Gift, Then a Hero Comes Along and The Alternative. A-Zal’s previous music has been released by prominent labels such as Universal Music Group and BMG.

Recognized for his talent as both a composer and singer, A-Zal has enchanted audiences with his vocals in various songs. His music transcends borders, captivating listeners with its universal appeal.

A-Zal continues to push artistic boundaries, captivating fans worldwide with his evocative melodies and storytelling. His music resonates deeply, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of his audience. A-Zal is an extraordinary artist, poised to make a lasting impact on the pop music scene. 

Ms. Marvel features A-Zal’s soulful soundtracks.

Los Angeles, Calif. – After the success of LokiNCIS: Los Angeles and The Twilight Zone, A-Zal has recently composed two soundtracks for another American television series called Ms. Marvel. The show streams on Disney+ and is about Kamala Khan, a Pakistani-origin American teenage girl getting superpowers.

A-Zal’s soundtracks have added a powerful undertone to the scenes featuring the protagonist. Talking about his experience, A-Zal said, “It is always exciting to work with Marvel Studios, the team is one of the best teams to work with. After Loki’s success, I had a feeling Marvel will rope me in for their future projects and it just keeps getting better and bigger with every project.”

A-Zal’s continuous work with giants such as Marvel, Netflix and CBS Network only stands testimony to the fact that he has surely emerged as a successful composer and singer in Hollywood.

Ms. Marvel has gained appreciation for its South Asian representation on American television with the majority of the cast from India and Pakistan including prominent celebrities such as Farhan Akhtar and Fawad Khan.

The show premiered on June 8, 2022, and will consist of six episodes, concluding on July 13.

In a parallel word, A-Zal released his first cover song last month, Perfect, which was originally written by Ed Sheeran. A-Zal worked with an ace audio production team that previously worked with Justin Bieber and David Guetta. “I am a huge fan of Ed! The song itself is so perfectly pitched for my voice that I had to not only pick this song, but also had to attach my soul to it. I produced a track with a blend of acapella and singer-songwriter style production, and oh boy, I love it!“ expressed A-Zal. He released a music video for the song as well.

A-Zal is all set to drop his debut single in August this year from his solo pop album, 17&11 Nights. 

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