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Atif Afzal (aka A-Zal) talks about his upcoming pop music album.

Music Notes

Los Angeles, Calif. – New York based singer-songwriter Atif Afzal (aka A-Zal) is focusing on a solo pop album, called 17 & 11 Nights, slated to be released later this year.

The album is believed to have eight to ten tracks based on all emotions and varied genres. A-Zal is currently in talks with some of the best record labels in the US. He is working with major- league music producers and world-class musicians to put his best foot forward in his debut album. A team of Grammy-nominated sound engineers and music producers are putting in efforts to make his dream come true.

A-Zal built a team that has worked with the best of artists like Justin Bieber, Prince, Jason Derulo, David Guetta and Pitbull. “I would not talk much about this album but yes, I am really excited about it. The tracks are taking real good shape as the team with me is truly talented which steps up my game,” says A-Zal.

Originally from India, A-Zal moved to the US in 2018, studied music at the New York University and composed music for one of the University’s thesis film, The Alternative. Within just 2 years in the US, he has also wrapped up composing and singing soundtracks for two popular American television series. “Lending my voice for an American television series was quite big for me. It was broadcasted on the country’s leading network CBS and it is special for any artist to be heard by millions of people.

“I have sung one track for NCIS: Los Angeles and two tracks for The Twilight Zone, and both the times, it was truly an enchanting experience,” he explains. To say that A-Zal has worked his magic in the East and the West would be an understatement.

Using his versatility and immense knowledge of music styles, he has bowled over, both, veteran and independent filmmakers in Los Angeles, New York, London, Berlin and Australia. His soundtracks for Cannes-nominated film Monsoon Shootout and That Sunday, has been critically acclaimed by global filmmakers.

The pop album would be A-Zal’s second album after his solo world music album Celebration! released by BMG Production Music, one of the popular labels around the world, in March 2020. A-Zal has also worked with Universal Music among other record labels.

We would all be waiting with bated breath for A-Zal’s pop album release as this promising, multifaceted singer-songwriter has bountiful talent up his sleeve.

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