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Santa Clarita Calif. – Tri-California, Inc. today announced the TRIFECTA, a new lifestyle-sports festival that is the first of its kind to bring together three running, three cycling, and three triathlon courses during a single weekend event.On June 2 – 5, 2011, Tri-California and the City of Santa Clarita will host these events with the support of Cycling Olympic Silver Medalist Mari Holden, Triathlon Olympic Bronze Medalist Susan Williams and United States National Cycling Champion Tony Cruz as patrons of the event.”We launched the TRIFECTA with the goal of bringing a new and diverse category of sporting events to athletes,” commented Terry Davis, owner of Tri-California, Inc.

“A trifecta occurs when someone chooses the top three finishers in a race in the correct order. We are expanding the definition of TRIFECTA to include bringing together the three worlds of active lifestyle sports in one spectacular event. TRIFECTA offers people of all ages and activity levels an opportunity to come together and celebrate leading a healthy and active lifestyle through running, cycling, and the sport of triathlon.”

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