Paley Center@Home on Youtube: Enjoy Never-Before-Released Full Paley Discussions of Your Favorite Shows FREE Each Day.

Beverly Hills, Calif. – Hey TV fans, we’re here for you. Each morning at 10 am ET / 7 am PT, we will post a full discussion from PaleyFest LA or NY to enjoy from your home and leading into some of your favorite TV shows airing this week. The full video—never before released by the Paley Center for free on YouTube—will be available until 10 am ET / 7 am PT the next morning, following this schedule:

3/23 Supernatural PaleyFest LA 2018 (Same day as new Supernatural episode)3/24 

This Is Us PaleyFest LA 2017 (Same day as This Is Us season finale)3/25 

Parks and Recreation Reunion PaleyFest LA 20193/26 

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah PaleyFest NY 20163/27 

Blue Bloods PaleyFest NY 2017 (Same day as new Blue Bloods episode)3/28 The Office PaleyFest LA 20073/29 

The Walking Dead PaleyFest LA 2017 (Same day as new The Walking Dead episode)

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And it’s more than that: The Paley YouTube channel has thousands of clips with hundreds of stars from other favorite TV shows that you can watch at any time, as well as curated playlists. Subscribe to our channel so that you will be notified whenever we add new events!
We hope you’ll join in the fun over on the Paley YouTube Channel.

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