Santa Clarita Mayor to be Featured as a Metrolink Guest Conductor.

Los Angeles, Calif. – Metrolink riders on the Antelope Valley Line between Lancaster and Los Angeles will hear a familiar voice over the intercom along the way. Santa Clarita Mayor Marsha McLean is partnering with Metrolink as a Guest Conductor, voicing onboard announcements that work to enhance the overall customer service experience for riders.

As a Guest Conductor, Mayor McLean joins a handful of elected officials, local celebrities and other well-known individuals in creating a unique onboard atmosphere.

“Connecting with Metrolink riders like this is a great way to express my thanks to them, from the City of Santa Clarita for leaving their cars at home and using safe, convenient and economical regional rail,” Mayor McLean said in a statement to Metrolink.

McLean serves as a board member on the North Los Angeles County Transportation Coalition (NCTC) and represents the NCTC on the Transportation Policy Committee of the Southern California Association of Governments. Mayor McLean also serves as a board member on the San Fernando Valley Council of Governments (SFVCOG) and the SFVCOG Transportation Committee, representing the City of Santa Clarita and advocating for transportation projects and resources to improve regional transportation for the Santa Clarita Valley.

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