Updates at the Academy Museum.

Los Angeles, Calif. – The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, shares an exciting Mother’s Day Gift Guide, links to the latest and greatest Academy Museum Podcast episodes, and exciting updates to the digital platforms, which include self-guided tours that take visitors outside the walls of the museum and augmented reality activations to enhance guests’ onsite experience.


Season 1: And the Oscar® Goes to…
New Episodes Out Now

Trailer – Introducing The Academy Museum Podcast, from LAist Studios

2002: This Door Has Been Opened

1999: For Your Consideration

2019: Muchas Gracias, Mexico


Hollywood Past & Present
The Academy Museum’s Inaugural Past & Present tour looks at locations associated with the Academy Awards, from the first ceremony at the Roosevelt Hotel to the Academy headquarters.

Augmented Reality
Activate the animation of pre-cinema optical toys, dissect film scenes, such as a seminal fight sequence from Bruce Lee’s Enter the Dragon (1973), and gain a clearer understanding of essential tools such as the multiplane camera.

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