Ottmar Liebert & Luna Negra set to perform at Canyon Club in Agoura Hills & Montclair, Feb.10 &11, 2022.

Los Angeles, Calif. –   Santa Fe’s Grammy-award nominee, Ottmar Liebert and his band Luna Negra, are coming to the Los Angeles area and will be playing songs fans have come to know and love on Feb. 10 & 11, 2022. Ottmar is a five-time Grammy nominee with multiple Gold and Platinum records who has sold millions of records across the globe. A skilled practitioner of contemporary flamenco guitar (nuevo flamenco), he is always a surprise. He plays with many textures – contrasting traditional and electric instruments. The band, Ottmar Liebert and bassist Jon Gagan welcome back dynamic drummer and percussionist Robby Rothschild – who played with them back in 2008/09 and on numerous recordings.

We are happy to announce new music from Ottmar Liebert & Luna Negra!

Ottmar Liebert has kept himself busy during the past 2 challenging years.

Along with an art+music collaboration with Dallas Museum of Art, Ottmar and bassist Jon Gagan recorded two versions of a new album called “vision 2020” (& “vision 2020- Lockdown version”)

And most recently Ottmar recorded another new album, called “Bare Wood 2” – Like the first Bare Wood album – – it is part compilation and part new music.

“The four new songs were the last songs recorded at my studio in Santa Fe before I sold the property and moved away…”

The albums are available at Bandcamp:

CDs will be available at upcoming concerts!

In an interview with Ottmar, Bill Kopp writes:

The Mixmaster: Ottmar Liebert Continues his mission to combine traditional and modern … And Liebert is fulsome in his support of musical cross-fertilization. “If you want to keep something the way you think is traditional, you’re really stopping all development,” he (Ottmar) says. Noting that “in the current political climate, it’s more important than ever to celebrate the mixing of cultural traditions”, he says, “In many cases, we’re not even aware of how we’ve been enriched.”…(B.Kopp, MetroActive, 2020)

Jennifer Levin says:

“Ottmar Liebert writes wordless romantic melodies that encourage listeners to float away on a voyage of sound..” (J.Levin, Santa Fe New Mexican, 2021)

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