Singer/songwriter/producer, Piera Klein and songwriter/producer Micah Plissner aka PIERA have a blending of tone, pitch and composition in their music and vocals, that you just don’t hear every day. PIERA in DTLA Photo Credit: Lindsey Best (all rights reserved)  

PIERA + A FLOCK OF SEAGULLS – A CELEBRATION OF VISIONARY SOUND, Bringing Together Iconic British Superstars and American Pioneers of Sound and Spirit.

Los Angeles, Calif. – PIERA L.A.’s rising modern psychedelic synthpop duo (consisting of members Piera Klein and Micah Plissner) following a string of exhilarating post pandemic shows, brings an audiophile’s feast for the senses with their signature beat-driven cosmic synth-soundscapes combined with Klein’s powerful, entrancing vocal stylings and alluring stage presence.

Cultivating a new sound blending psychedelic, indie-synth, krautrock, and Avant Garde with touches of industrial pop, PIERA has found a way to create something fresh and inspiring in contrast to the mainstream’s oversaturated and stale copy-of-a-copy void. 

With a #1 Electronic Album on the RMR charts in June, PIERA just came off from 6 stellar shows —  opening for 80’s iconic synth group, Berlin, on August 7th in Montclair, and The Untouchables and Bow Wow Wow on September 3rd in Santa Clarita, headlining at The Silverlake Lounge on September 10th, as special guests at the iconic Punk Museum founder, Tequila Mockingbird’s “Sunday Club”, at the Oracle Tavern in Downtown Los Angeles on September 26th as part of her annual Dada Bauhaus Masquerade Ball, opening for Oingo-Boingo on October 8th at The Canyon in Santa Clarita, and for Brit Pop sensation ABC on November 18th at The Canyon in Agoura and A Flock of Seagulls on December 10th

Without label support or formal management, PIERA has managed to captivate new audiences everywhere they perform and have established themselves as one of the most exciting new acts to watch in 2022. 

What started out as an experimental synthpop record and a synchronistic opportunity to open for the iconic 80s synth-rock band BERLIN in August morphed into a string of mind-blowing opportunities and impressive shows to open for the gamut of the who’s-who in iconic synthpop, culminating into an exhilarating night on December 10th in Agoura Hills, CA at the Canyon Club opening for A FLOCK OF SEAGULLS.

December 10th’s  performance opening for A FLOCK OF SEAGULLS was a perfect pairing, bringing together the original and iconic 80s superstars and the pioneers of a new sound blending their signature brew of psychedelic and electronic synth rock.

PIERA owned the stage and everyone in the club was transfixed. Like an oracle, the beauty wailed deep, personal, and cosmic melodies in a way that very few have heard before, as she allowed her body to carry and be explored by the powerful sound bath surrounding her. Within her multi-dimensional persona lie elements reminiscent of a modern-day prophet, like Patti Smith, a seer, yet wrapped in another cloth for a new generation.

Micah Plissner, behind the analogue synths and table of guitar pedals and modular devices, orchestrated a sonic and beat-driven soundscape that moved the crowd from the first song to the last. Loud applause and cheers were heard after every song, signaling a new era and appreciation for modern electronic music that is both structured into crowd pleasing songs and anthems. As a unit, they are completely unique, powerful, and express a limitlessness of imagination.

PIERA is the kind of duo we expect will get snapped up by labels such as ASTRALWERKS, MUTE RECORDS or the like… and expect LA scene bookers like Restless Nites and others, as well as the big festival circuits to catch on quickly and add them to their regular lineups. 

A FLOCK OF SEAGULLS put on a stellar, fan-crazed performance, and behind the scenes gave PIERA a big thumbs up, sharing how they and their team enjoyed listening to their entire set backstage. It was a wonderful night of mutual admiration and celebration for both bands. Klein mentioned how she was deeply touched by the honor and privilege of performing with such iconic artists over the past year and what a special treat it was to connect with A FLOCK OF SEAGULLS and team backstage. “They are truly talented, kind…..and wonderful people. I hope our paths cross again someday.”

Photo credit: [Micah Plissner and Piera Klein aka PIERA, in Los Angeles. Photo by Lindsey Best, used by permission. All rights reserved]

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