Missouri-Based Women’s Health Company Reports on Marriage Success Probability in Major US Cities Intimate Rose lists down the top cities with the highest marriage success rates.

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North Kansas, MO – Intimate Rose, a company that offers women’s health products, explores marriage success rates in major US cities in a new infographic article, “Major US Cities and Their Probability to Higher Marriage Success.” https://www.intimaterose.com/pages/cities-marriage-success

The infographic uses data from the United States 2020 Census, American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy, and WalletHub to determine the marriage and divorces rates of 20 major US cities. These cities include Los Angeles, California; New York, New York; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Houston, Texas; and Chicago, Illinois. After decades of people getting married, divorce rates in the United States are around 50 percent.

It’s not a trend that is going to halt anytime soon. The Missouri-based women’s health company looks into the happiness index and the number of relationship therapists in the 20 major US cities to see whether they have any impact on the rate of divorce in these cities.

In the infographic, Intimate Rose shares a few notable marriage and divorce data points in Los Angeles City. They are as follows:

The City of Los Angeles:

● The city is ranked fourth with the lowest divorce rate per city’s population and fifth if
looking at the married population only.

● Los Angeles has 11 family or marriage therapists per 10,000 married and divorced per capita.

● The city is ranked 12th with the highest marriage rate with 29.24 percent.

● It’s the fourth major US city with the most men married thrice or more. Roughly 14 couples get divorced every 15 seconds and over 81,000 per day. The infographic shares many such marriage statistics, including the population of divorced Americans and the approximate number of divorced couples across the United States.

Does living in one of these major US cities affect a couple’s chances of marriage success or divorce? It’s hard to tell. In its latest infographic, Intimate Rose examines different data on the probability of marriage success in these cities, giving insight to couples looking to move to a new city.

About Intimate Rose and Its Founders

Intimate Rose is a company that specializes in products for bladder control and pelvic care. Its catalog includes weights, women’s health supplements, and more. The Missouri-based company was founded by Dr. Amanda Olson and CEO Aaron Wilt.

Amanda Olson is a professional physical therapist and pediatric neurology specialist. In 2008, Olson was involved in a camping accident that dislocated her coccyx and caused significant damage to her pelvic floor. She underwent pelvic floor therapy and recovered after six months. This life-changing experience motivated her to study pelvic physical therapy and develop medical devices and exercises that aid women struggling with pelvic floor conditions.

Currently, Amanda Olson is the COO and co-founder of Intimate Rose. She continues to advocate for women’s health by sharing her expertise in lectures, education videos, and blog articles.

Aaron Wilt is the CEO of Intimate Rose, an entrepreneur, author, and survivor of Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Wilt has established many brands in the healthcare industry, which is his way of giving back after overcoming his health challenges. One of his life’s missions is to develop brands that offer medical solutions and support for many people’s health problems. Apart from building healthcare brands, Wilt provides financial support to several health institutions including St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. He is also a committed sports coach and mentor.


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