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A-Zal’s latest single ‘Lonely Town’ draws audiences into his New York-inspired musical journey.

New York N.Y. – Fresh from the incredible success of his debut hit, Movie Script, which reached #51 on the iHeartMedia’s Mediabase Activator Chart, A-Zal, the New York-based pop sensation, released his heartfelt new single titled Lonely Town.

A-Zal’s latest single ‘Lonely Town’ draws the audience to the pop singer’s real story.

This release is not only a musical offering but a profound tribute to New York City and a reflection of A-Zal’s personal journey as an emerging artist. A-Zal’s path has been nothing short of remarkable, from busking for tips in New York’s subway stations to collaborating with industry giants like Marvel Studios and making a mark on US radio charts.

In the lyrics of Lonely Town, the city becomes a symbolic companion, walking alongside A-Zal throughout the highs and lows of his artistic journey. The song beautifully encapsulates the emotional rollercoaster of his pursuit, from moments of homelessness to finding solace in the bustling streets of New York.

A-Zal’s directorial talent also shines through in the music video, where he employs a narrative style to complement the song’s storytelling. His debut single’s music video garnered over 130k views on YouTube in just one month, showcasing his multifaceted creative abilities.

Speaking about the track, A-Zal explains, “Lonely Town is a song born during my early days in New York, when my livelihood depended on tips from subway performances. I moved to the USA in 2018 to chase my musical dreams, and the city’s streets and subways became my new home. Amidst the glamour, I felt a profound sense of loneliness while walking its bustling streets with empty pockets. Ultimately, New York City became my anchor, my inspiration, and my true home. This song is my heartfelt tribute to the city that gave me everything.”

Los Angeles Life and Style‘s Margie Anne Clark caught up with A-Zal about the release of his new single, Lonely Town.

MC: What inspired you to write Lonely Town?

A-Zal: All my songs have something to do directly with me and my life. I want my listeners to know me through my songs. So, its my journey that inspires me to write and create music. When I embarked on creating my album, it was crystal clear that I needed to draw inspiration from my personal experiences and weave them into my songs. I really had to tell my story about how I actually got to this magical city and how I started a new life in New York 5 years ago. It captures my life as a New York subway musician and the grind I had to go through before I bagged my first Hollywood project.

MC:  What is your favorite aspect of working in the music industry?

A-Zal: The best part about working in the music industry is you get to live your dream every single day. I start my day with music and I end it with music too. There is nothing more I could ask. The even better part is every Sunday evening, I’m not sulking about going to work the next day. I literally wait for my week to start. I consciously take time off during the weekend to balance out my personal life and also avoid creative fatigue. But, Monday mornings are the most exciting for me!

MC: How many instruments do you play and what is your favorite?

A-Zal: Over the years, I learnt how to play a ton of instruments – guitar, piano, ukulele, drums, mandolin etc. But, my favorite is the guitar and the piano. I do most of my compositions on these.

MC: Who are some of the artists that inspired you to become a singer/songwriter?

A-Zal: The biggest music influence in my life has to be Ed Sheeran. It is because of his song Perfect that I got inspired to write my own music. What inspires me the most about Ed Sheeran songs is the simplicity and honesty in his songwriting and lyrics. They directly pierce my heart and I feel there is no adulteration or ornamentation in crafting the lyrics to impress the audience. They are insanely raw and true. It inspires me to be a true musician and not fake anything about me in anyway to get new fans or impress my existing fans. Apart from Ed Sheeran, I absolutely love Dua Lipa’s songwriting and production. She is one artist I’d love to collaborate with. 

MC: Do you have any messages that you would like to share with your fans?

A-Zal: I just want to tell them that they may have not heard too many stories like mine. I came to this country to win their hearts. I’d also like to thank them for showering their love on my music.