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Los Angeles Auto Show: Coming to the LA Auto Show 2023: The Kevin Hart Kollection.

LOS ANGELES – Kevin Hart, the megastar comedian, actor, and entrepreneur, is set to unveil his personal car collection for the very first time at the LA Auto Show. From November 17th to 26th, you’ll have the chance to witness 11 of his cherished vehicles, including American muscle cars and sleek Ferraris, all on public display.

The Kollection Sneak PeakAs a hardcore car enthusiast and a devoted fan of American muscle cars, Kevin is pulling the curtain back on several cars he’s never shown to the public before. One of the stars of the show will be the 1970 Dodge Challenger Bane, making its debut in Los Angeles . This stunning piece will join Kevin’s ever-growing collection of vehicles, each uniquely themed to bring out their personalities:

1959 Chevrolet Corvette (Mint Condition)1966 Chevrolet Chevelle (Darkness)1969 Chevrolet Camaro (Bad News)1969 Pontiac GTO (Chocolate Droppa)1966 Pontiac GTO Convertible1969 Plymouth Roadrunner (Michael Myers)1970 Dodge Challenger (Bane)1970 Dodge Charger (Hellraiser)1987 Buick Grand National (Dark Knight)2022 Ferrari SF90 Spyder2023 Ferrari 812 Competizione