ABC Canvas Art Exhibit at Santa Clarita City Hall.

26 Letters. 26 Artists. 26 Interpretations.

Santa Clarita, Calif. – A new art exhibit depicting every letter in the alphabet has come to Santa Clarita City Hall’s First Floor Gallery! The exhibit titled “ABC Canvas” features 26 unique pieces of artwork by 26 artists, all representing one letter in the alphabet. The exhibit is available for in-person viewing at the First Floor Gallery and for online viewing at, from now through December 4, 2020.

            Each artist featured in the “ABC Canvas” show was assigned a letter from the alphabet, given a blank canvas and asked to create an image that starts with that letter. For example, artist Belen Islas depicts the letter A in the work “Astronomer or Astrologer?” with vibrant colors, patterns and celestial imagery. Artist Laura Hunt takes a different approach with the letter Z in her work titled “Zebra Sunset,” showing a beautifully painted zebra in the pink and orange hues of the setting sun. Every featured piece has its own story and interpretation. The City encourages every resident to make time to browse this exhibit to see the creative, original and artistic expression of every letter.

            To learn more about the “ABC Canvas” art exhibit, please contact Sydney Adam at For details regarding other City art exhibits, please visit

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