Launch Gallery – ‘Have To Hold’ / Sept.5 – Oct. 3 by appointment features artists, Elizabeth Tinglof and Ashley Hagen.

Curated by Elizabeth Tinglof and Ashley Hagen
September 5th – October 3rd, 2020

LAUNCH Gallery is proud to present Have to Hold, curated by Elizabeth Tinglof and Ashley Hagen.  

The act of collecting through a contemporary process has many facets, it can be a quest of discovery, give purpose, be a form of expression or identity, a right of passage, commerce, a compulsion but it can also be a cultural theft.

This collecting of cultures through the removal of art and artifacts from their origins became prevalent during the Enlightenment age where among many of their ideates was the questioning of accepted societal values. Unfortunately, in their pursuit and exploration of liberation from ignorance and superstition they created a decontextualization of objects they removed and displayed for educational purposes. 

We see today in museums across the world the wide spread effect of the object having a story that is curated, changing its original purpose and context.

Have to Hold is an exhibition where six contemporary artists reflect upon the rich yet charged history and psychology of collecting. Through the artists own use of objects and materials, they construct stories of experiences and conceptual perspectives, addressing both the past and future.  

Participating artists include, Vida Liu, Constance Mallinson, Kristen Morgin, Kimberly Morris, Ephraim Puusemp and George Stoll.  

Open By Appointment this Saturday, September 5th, 2 – 6pm

Sept. 8th Tuesday – Saturday, 1 – 6pm through October 3rd

Launch Gallery 170 S LA BREA AVE

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