Remembering Kobe. Ordinary people, Los Angeles and the world mourns the extraordinary icon. His smile said it all. A loss beyond measure.

Los Angeles, Valencia, Calif. – Trying to compose my thoughts on the shock of what has happened and why this is having such a profound affect on us. I think Kobe Bryant represented the best of what humanity can accomplish, whether you just observed him peripherally as a familiar face, or happened to catch him filming a McDonald’s commercial as I did, at Valencia Glen Park here in Santa Clarita back in the early 00s or holding court with the LA Lakers as diehard fans. He represented all of the good that a person can do with their talent, fame and wealth in encouraging youth and his concern for safety in sports, his contributions to the world of sports and entertainment, so many more things that can and will be said. He was the face of Los Angeles, synonymous with the Lakers and beloved around the world. This is a tragic loss, beyond comprehension. – By Margie Anne Clark, Los Angeles Life and Style

Raw emotions, inexplicable, I am in tears, shocked, shaken when I heard on CNN “and local news, Kobe Bryant killed in a helicopter crash in Calabasas. This is so sad, can’t believe it. I can’t explain it but I’m just sobbing, shaking right now, can hardly compose myself. Just shaking with dread at more subsequent news…….These thoughts are from an ordinary person in LA, didn’t know him personally, only saw him once from a few feet away filming a commercial here in Valencia. His life touched so many without even know it, his smiling face said it all. Our hearts are so collectively broken. A loss beyond measure. – By Margie Anne Clark, Los Angeles Life and Style

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