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Marco Missinato: ‘Profoundly Connected to Music’

Los Angeles Life and Style Q&A with Marco Missinato           

By Margie Anne Clark

As one of L.A.’s most in-demand musicians, Marco Missinato is no stranger to traversing the frequencies and dimensions of the universe with the ease of catching a flight to his beloved Hawaii or Aspen and many other cities where audiences often enjoy hearing the versatile entertainer’s music up close and personal.

With the looks and musical swagger evocative of The Boy from Ipanema, Missinato has been entertaining and inspiring audiences with his  romantic ballads and ethereal harmonies since moving to L.A. from his native Rome, Italy in the early 1990′s. Since that time, Missinato’s music has been featured in such television series as the original Melrose Place and Port Charles along with numerous theatrical productions and projects.

Through his recent projects and romantic melodies, Missinato explains that he seeks to inspire his listeners to open up to what he sees as their highest and truest selves. His goal, he says, is to reach for the inner depths of the soul through his music which he believes will allow people to feel and experience the powerful sound of music.

“Music is the door, the bridge between us and our soul,” says Missinato in his soft Italian accent. “It is like a ray of light which illuminates the darkness of  our fears and disintegrates all inhibitions.”

As Missinato’s music continues to evolve, he shares his journey in his newest project, Unfolding Secrets a work in progress, with music and cover design by Missinanto, orchestrations by Emanuele Arnone, and vocals by Kristin Hoffman.

“This is my latest symphonic contemporary classical album and I am very excited to share it,” says Missinato, adding that Unfolding Secrets, Symphony of the Heart can been seen on video. “I think you will enjoy it.”

Los Angeles Life and Style caught up with Missinato who took time out of his busy schedule to share a glimpse into his life’s journey, while exploring the man behind those good vibrations in this exclusive LA Life and Style interview.

When did you first discover your passion for music and what was the first instrument that you played? I started with a little flute and then as soon as was possible I got involved with keyboards and piano. Since the very beginning of my physical experience here on Earth I was profoundly connected to music. I started to play musical instruments around the age of 3. More then a personal talent discovery, it was a deep feeling of love occurring when music was playing.

When did you first move to LA and how did you get your start in the music scene here? I came in Los Angels in 1992. The very first year I was a full-time student at the Musician Institute in Hollywood. Soon after that I started to perform in restaurant and bars as a way to make money and produce the music that I felt inside.

What inspired you to move to Los Angeles? When I first came in the USA back in 1988/89 (I was sent by magazines I was working with as a professional photographer) I felt an immediate sense of freedom and spaciousness. Therefore later I chose the USA as the ground platform for my musical creative evolution.

You are a man of many talents! Did you come from a family of musicians and artists? The members of my family seem to have all strong artistic potentiality most often unexplored because the outside circumstances stopped them from pursuing it.

Your family must be very proud of your accomplishments! You have an amazing repertoire of music ranging from Sinatra to songs for pets, to meditative type of music. How did your style evolve and what are some of your favorite genres? All of the music and musical projects that I have created in the past as well the ones I am working in the present are coming from the same source. They are just different creative ways to express my passion and love for music. It gives me joy to express my connection with music in various ways. I like all genres of music as long as I sense, when I listen to their work, that the creative motivation of the composer, producer and artist are genuinely coming from their heart.

You compose a lot of your own music. What inspires your work and do you compose for television, movies or commercials? The art of composing music in my personal experience is a very mysterious process that I truly cannot explain with words. I seem to have access to it when I enter a state of no-mind. Sometimes the compositions that I create in this process sound very much like soundtracks and therefore can be used in movies and other medias.

Have you ever worked with any big names in music and if so who and what did you enjoy most about working with them? I have been performing in situations in which celebrities were present and I always had positive feed-backs and enthusiastic responses. I love to give joy to people through music weather they are famous or not.

Tell me about some of the musicians who you have collaborated with on your CDs and performances. I have been very lucky to have wonderful musicians performing my music. Among them Chris Tedesco, David Goldblatt, Steve Tavaglioni, Ramon Stagnaro, Joe Rotondi to name a few.

Your talent is well know and in demand among the Hollywood celebrity crowd. Tell me what you enjoy most about some of your concerts and performances. My focus when I provide music for events is to open the heart of people and have them feel more intimately connected with life so that they momentarily let go at their mind and connect fully with their heart and soul and have a uniting experience. By monitoring constantly the crowd I select the song or music composition that my intuition tells me is most appropriate for that specific moment. That too is a mysterious process that I simply allow to naturally unfold by tapping with my higher source.

You have quite a vast body of work. Tell me about some of your newest projects while touching on some of your earlier work. Among my latest projects I have just finished to produce a series of seven guided imagery meditation journeys entitled “Back to Life,” a blend of guided spoken words (by world renown healer Barry Bruder) and high-vibrational original music and sounds soon to be launched in hospitals, clinics and to be used as part of recovery programs in support of healing traumas, injuries, diseases etc. “Melodies From Within” is another series of CDs I am about to distribute on the market. It is a collection of original instrumental compositions for shooting the heart and soul. “Soul Journey” is a three-albums series of “Ambient” music was released in January 2010. My band “Naked Soul” will launch is planning its first live concert for healing which will be touring in USA, Europe and Asia. Among my past compositions “Pets Love Music” is a five-CDs series of music dedicated to Pets.

You’ve got a lot going on! When you have time to reflect, what are your thoughts on music as an art form? Music is a very powerful and transformational art form and therefore the composer and the performer hold a great responsibility. They both must make sure that their melodies come from true non-ego source.

What do you hope people enjoy most about your albums and your performances? My intent and my life purpose (other then self growth) is to create a profound transformational musical experience in a concert and album formats in order to uplift, support and inspire people to follow their greatness.

Speaking of out of profound experiences, have you ever done anything a little out of the ordinary? Yes, I did do parachuting twice. It was a wonderful freeing experience. My life is a constant expanding adventure as long as I keep being daring and stretch out from my comfort zone into the unknown and mysteriousness of life.

You are a brave soul! Embarking on a career in music can also be risky business. What advise would you offer for aspiring musicians? Follow your heart, your joy and your passion they are all the same: Streams of love coming from high source. It is life itself telling you which direction to take as it magically unfolds in front of your eyes.

Do you have any artists that you admire? I admire every person whose attempting to express him/herself through the heart and therefore through the arts (isn’t it interesting that heart and art sound so similar?). It does not matter if they are famous or unknown, if they sing or play or simply make art out of an ordinary jobs. I have strong admiration for anybody whom are choosing the courageous act of being true to themselves despite the streams of resistances that they have to face in their daily base life when they relate with the so called ‘common sense.’

Do you have any special memories that stand out in your mind from your childhood and also from any of your performances. Have you ever played any other musical instruments? More than memories it is the constant recurrent feeling of overwhelming joy, love and unity with the whole that I sense every time I allow myself the necessary vulnerability to accommodate higher levels of frequencies. I remember how in my childhood this process was effortless and achieved in a magical instant moment.  In the past I have been using other instruments to create music, like guitar, harmonicas, flutes etc.

Are there any musicians or artists from the past, such as  the Renaissance era or the past few centuries that you admire? When you listen to my childhood earliest compositions it will be obvious to you that somehow I have in me a strong connection with classical music. I cannot point you out specific names or time period because my relationship with music is not related to three-dimensional data.

Do you have any favorite movies or songs? There are may movies and songs that I love. “Cinema Paradiso” and its music by Ennio Morricone (just to mention one) has a simplicity and yet a profoundness that touches me at the core.

How does the notion of love and romance come through in your music?  Music when purely channeled offer the possibility to bridge oneself with the non-physical world and therefore dissipate the illusion of separation which leads to a feeling of love that is not weighted with neediness and sense of lack.

Any tips on how to discover art within one’s self through music or any type of art for that matter? You make art by simply following your joy. Any activity can become an artistic expression if joy and divine creativity are allowed. One can be a postman and if delivering mail is his true call it will become an artistic effort. Such a person every time will deliver the mail will have an healing effect on people. Also his/her way to deliver mail will be very unique and creative because it will be an action that is in deep connection with true source

What are your thoughts on time and space as far as what we as humans do with our time on earth? Time and space are a necessary and momentarily human perception which allow the soul to have a three dimensional experience. By choosing to enter this field of frequencies the soul creates the opportunity for immense explanation and self-awareness.

If you could transport your self to any time or place, past, present or future or anywhere in the universe, where would it be? I would probably choose a far light star in the future, the feeling of which it makes me feel at home.  

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A glimpse into Unfolding Secrets a work in progress, with music and cover design by Missanto, Orchestrations by Emanuele Arnone, and Vocals by Kristin Hoffman can be viewed by visiting: Missinato’s music and albums can be purchased online by visiting (soon to become, iTunes,, CD Baby and at

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